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Considerations for Flight Parks

All concerns all relate to safety and/or courtesy.  The major areas to be considered are:

Suitability of the flight park for safe operation by PPCs

Appropriate controls placed on pilots, aerial vehicles, and ground vehicles Appropriate controls placed on visitors and customers

Maintenance of the facility

Adherence to regulations by operators and visitors

Flight Traffic considerations

Training  Areas

Item of consideration


Is the flight park in an appropriate location environmentally?


Is the area zoned for a flight park?


Is the terrain surrounding the flight park suitable for flying/training?


Are residences far enough away for safe flight?


Does the flight park avoid frequent complaints by neighbors over noise?


Is the flight field large enough to accommodate 2-seat training?


Are obstacles in the traffic pattern marked so pilots can see them?


Are obstacles and hazards marked on a hazard map at the flight park?


Can all PPC traffic safely avoid the hazards – even when heavy?


Are flight lines marked as “keep off” areas for non-pilots?


Are maintenance and warmup areas marked as such?


Are there training areas away from the flight park for maneuvers?


Are traffic patterns clearly noted on a map at the flight park?


Are there multiple windsocks at the field?


Are the windsocks kept in good condition


Are other nearby airports and flight parks noted on a map so new pilots know to avoid them?


Is automobile parking adequate and properly controlled away from the flight line?


Are ATVs controlled or prohibited from the flight field?


Are pets and livestock controlled and kept off the field?


Are livestock areas noted on the hazard map so pilots know to avoid them?


Are towers, powerlines, and other obstacles clearly marked on the hazard map?


Does the flight park policy adequately control visitors?


Are there flight park rules posted which adequately inform visitors of things to avoid doing?


Does the flight park policy inform pilots and visitors who can fly and under what conditions?


Does the policy prevent new pilots from bringing an unsafe vehicle to the field for flight?


Does the policy require an inspection of new vehicles before they are flown?


Does the policy/facility provide for security of stored vehicles and accessories?


Are there signs posted to prevent unauthorized persons from being in run-up or fueling areas?


Does the flight park have adequate training and meeting areas?


Does the flight park have adequate rest rooms?


Are the facilities kept clean?


Is the flight park kept mowed to include flight areas and visitor areas?


Are the facilities kept clean and free of trash?


Are there liability waivers available at all times?


Is a waiver required for each person who flies?  Is a waiver file maintained?


Are vehicle maintenance areas kept clean and free of debris?


Are flammables kept in separate areas from other supplies?


Are there fire extinguishers readily available and properly marked?


Does the flight park have an alcohol policy which prevents pilots from flying while intoxicated?


Are radio frequencies posted so pilots can see them?


Does the flight park have an adequate number of radios for the traffic?


Is the field elevation posted in an obvious location for pilots to see?


Is FAR 103 posted in a conspicuous place for pilots to see?


Are pilots informed of the legal requirements for flying PPCs?


Is there a phone at the flight park for emergency calls? 


Is there a number posted to call in event of an emergency?


Is the flight park phone number posted so pilots can be called while there?


Is there a marker board for notes to pilots?


Are pilots required to call 1-800-wxb-rief before flying?


Is the flight park policy manual readily available?


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