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Hello Everyone,
We now have an application for the First Flight insurance policy available for download directly from our website. You can see it at: http://www.usua.org/Insurance/Insurance.html
United States Ultralight Association, Inc.
Dale Hooper
Executive Vice President

Insurance update from USUA

USUA staff has been busy with the final preparations for the new USUA Insurance Program. We have received a draft of the proposed policy, and have addressed some of the issues involved in bringing this to fruition.

Some particulars that can be announced:

BODILY INJURY each person per accident $100,000
PROPERTY DAMAGE per accident $500,000
BODILY INJURY & PROPERTY DAMAGE Combined Limit per accident $1,000,000
BODILY INJURY Aggregate $1,000,000

The definitions of the covered ultralight include:
single and two seat fixed, flexible or collapsible wing, engine powered aircraft, which must be USUA Registered of not more than 992 U.S. pounds (450 kilograms) which has a power-off stall speed which does not exceed 35 knots (40 mph) calibrated airspeed at maximum gross weight including power hang gliders, powered para gliders and powered parachutes.

Although there has not been a definitive premium established for this policy, USUA and First Flight hope to have this policy available for under $400. Participation in this program will also dictate the pricing. Need I say more?

Updates will be forthcoming.

United States Ultralight Association, Inc.
Dale Hooper
Executive Vice President

USUA is pleased to announce that, after negotiations with First Flight Insurance Group, 3rd party liability insurance will soon be available for USUA members. Even though the preparations are still in the final stages, USUA has confirmed that USUA registered ultralight pilots will soon be able to purchase insurance for their USUA registered vehicles. Coverage will be extended to single and two seat fixed wing, weight shift (trike) and powered parachute vehicles. This new USUA program is being administered by First Flight Insurance Group, a leading provider of sport aviation insurance and underwritten by Lloyds of London, the most highly respected and revered underwriter of insurance.

It is important to note that this policy will offer 3rd party liability insurance coverage for non-commercial operations only. First Flight presently offers a more comprehensive coverage package to commercial operations (instructors and flight schools), and have done so done for several years. They offer a variety of plans ranging from commercial 3rd Party Liability to full coverage, designed to fit each instructor's needs. If you are a BFI, USUA encourages you to look into these commercial programs. This new program is designed to allow non-commercial ultralight pilots the benefits insurance coverage can offer. It has been offered to USUA pilots as a result of the industry recognized high standards, safety record and integrity of the USUA ultralight pilot training program.

"USUA headquarters received reports from all over the country from members who had been denied access to or had been forced off airports because of the unavailability of simple 3rd party liability insurance. In response to this dilemma, USUA staff embarked on a mission to obtain a source of insurance for our members. It has finally paid off. This program will fill the void and it will provide USUA members with the peace of mind that comes from having insurance coverage. USUA is proud to have secured this much-needed commodity for our members. As you might remember, insurance of this type was available in the past. But due to the lack of interest and participation within the ultralight community, these programs were discontinued. To ensure that this excellent opportunity remains available for years to come, I encourage ALL ultralight pilots to take advantage of this offer," reports USUA Executive Vice President Dale Hooper.

Once the program is in place, (sometime after January 2004) the application process will begin with USUA members contacting First Flight Insurance Group directly. First Flight will then verify membership and registration status with USUA. Once the verification process is complete, the insurance company will determine the final issuance of insurance.

Over the past seven years First Flight Insurance Group has insured operations such as; parasailing, hang gliding, paragliding, ultralight instruction, underwater instructors, kite boarding, water ski instruction and many other such activities. They also provide a liability market for recreational rental businesses, like jet ski, kayak, canoe, sail and pontoon boat rentals. First Flight presently insures the United States Ultralight Association, the United States Hang Gliding Association, the National Association of Underwater Instructors, and provides coverage for members of the Professional Air Sports Association.

It is important to note that this new USUA sponsered insurance program is being administered solely by First Flight Insurance Group, and USUA staff is not involved with processing policies or responding to any future claims.

In extending this coverage to our members, USUA gratefully acknowledges the confidence and faith entrusted to us by Robert Wells and the staff of First Flight Insurance Group. Now, it's time to do your part. Don't let this opportunity slip away.

USUA will put new information on the Insurance Page of our website as soon as we get it. In addition, we have set up an e-mail announcement list to notify people when new details are announced. If you would like to subscribe to this list, please subscribe below:

Top of Form

 Go to www.usua.org to subscribe

Bottom of Form

On December 9, 2003, Dale Hooper also announced this new insurance program on UltraFlight Radio. Listen to Dale's announcement here.

USUA was there for you then, we are here for you now and we will be there for you tomorrow.

Below is a list of companies that offer various insurance services to ultralight pilots and instructors:

Life Insurance:

1st Financial Services

Third Party Liability And Flight School:

First Flight Insurance Group
(252) 261-1903


USUA is working hard to find insurance underwriters for members.  EVP Rich Pendergist and volunteer insurance committee chairman Vic Worthington have been beating the bushes to find a source for 3rd party liability insurance for the assorted craft operating under Part 103 and the exemption.  Members should know there is some signs  of the insurance industry softening its position on writing insurance for ultralights.. USUA  will not  make empty promises so  further details must be withheld S but help may be here soon.

Insurance for Instructors:   While USUA is not at liberty to publicly endorse any company, we can tell members that the only firm source of insurance available right now is for instructors.   There is currently coverage for those instructors who can show positive business intent, either on a full time or part time basis.  This commercial coverage includes 3rd party liability coverage for the instructor as well as a supervised student. Robert Wells, First Flight Insurance Group invites candidate instructors to apply.  Call First Flight at  252- 261-1903.
Additionally, Denver based insurance company Brown and Brown Insurance is offering Hangar Insurance. This is very affordable premises coverage that will help meet airport requirements for many applicants. It should be noted that this coverage, by definition, is for non commercial applications. Denise Ferrill, Brown and Brown invites all interested parties to call 720-963-4279.

USUA  is committed to finding insurance for its members and will keep members posted on its progress.

Send mail to info@nappf.com with questions or comments about this web site.
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